Iowa Code 2009, Title 11, Subtitle 4, Section 473 - Energy Development and Conservation

Following a report in December 2008 from the Iowa Climate Change Advisory Council, the Iowa Legislature requested additional information on the ramifications of climate change for the state, and enacted a new bill in 2009 (Sec. 27, Section 473.7, Code 2009 amended) requiring a climate change impacts review to be conducted and reported. The resulting report, "Climate Change Impacts on Iowa" was then produced by the Climate Council in 2010. 

Specific provision language is as follows:

12. a.  Conduct a study on activities related to energy production and use which contribute to global climate change, in conjunction with institutions under the control of the state board of regents.  The study shall take the form of a climate change impacts review, to include the following: (1)  Performance of an initial review of available climate change impacts studies relevant to this state. (2)  Preparation of a summary of available data on recent changes in relevant climate conditions. (3)  Identification of climate change impacts issues which require further research and an estimate of their cost. (4)  Identification of important public policy issues relevant to climate change impacts.

The code as amended also established the Iowa climate change advisory council in section 455B.851.       

Publication Date: November 4, 2009

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