Land Use Impacts and Solutions to Sea Level Rise in East Central Florida

The East Central Florida Regional Planning Council (ECFRPC) was contracted through a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to participate in this study, which included all coastal states along the eastern seaboard - analyzing present and future land use and various coastal policies. This report's focus is on sea level rise and implications for Brevard and Volusia counties of Florida. The maps that accompany illustrate the areas that planners within this region expect will be protected from erosion and inundation in the coming decades. In addition, long term planning strategies are offered as suggested means of preparing for the predicted sea level rise.

This report includes maps created for the coastal zones of Brevard and Volusia counties that distinguish the shores that are likely to be protected from erosion, inundation, and flooding, from those shores where natural shoreline retreat likely will take place. The maps show that for all practical purposes, past and planned development have already made it inevitable that property will be protected and the inland migration of wetlands will be blocked and eventually eliminated along 30% of Brevard and 60% of Volusia County shores.

The report discusses existing (as of 2004) Federal, State, Local and Private sea level rise policies.  It concludes with sea level rise "planning solutions", or policy recommendations, including regulating land use by utilizing methods such as comprehensive planning and zoning regulations; public acquisition and preservation, such as rolling easements and transfer of development rights; and engineered solutions, such as beach nourishment and seawalls.    




Publication Date: November 2004

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