Local Strategies for Addressing Climate Change, Vol. 2

This resource is a collection of case studies that ran in the NOAA Coastal Services Center's (CSC) magazine 'Coastal Services.' These stories document states' efforts to combat climate change and, in particular, sea-level rise. The solutions discussed are varied. On a national level, the CSC describes the work the EPA's Climate Ready Estuaries Program has done to help local estuary managers adapt to climate change. Meanwhile, ICLEI and the state of Oregon have developed new materials and programs that relate to communicating about issues related to coastal adaptation. In Washington, the CSC documents how the state of Washington has held planning workshops on coastal adaptation that have covered risk and vulnerability assessments, as well as stakeholder engagement. In California, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission hosted a resilient design competition that NOAA covered. Additionally, this report documents hazard mapping and planning efforts in North Carolina and Delaware. In Virginia, the state developed new guidelines governing how sand dunes and barrier islands can be developed in order to reduce the risk of erosion. Finally, Hawaii has developed a green building initiative and new building code regulations designed to make structures more resilient to wind.

Publication Date: June 2010

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