Maryland HB 118: Bay Acidification Bill

Maryland's Bay Acidification Bill (House Bill 118), signed into law by Governor Martin O’Malley in May 2014, taking effect July 1, 2014, creates a Task Force to evaluate and address the effects of ocean acidification and the changing chemistry in the Chesapeake Bay and other Maryland waterways.

The Task Force consists of State leaders, and water quality, fishery and climate experts, to address how changing Bay chemistry negatively impacts Maryland’s coast and shellfish industry. They will study and assess water quality in Maryland’s Chesapeake and coastal bays, and review ocean acidification studies and findings from other states.

The Task Force is charged with making recommendations by January 1, 2015, based on their findings for monitoring and addressing acidification and its effects on Maryland’s commercial fishery and aquaculture industry.

The Task Force will include the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and the MD Department of the Environment or their designees, along with representatives from the State’s aquaculture industry, the Maryland Watermen’s Association, the National Aquarium in Baltimore, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.


Publication Date: May 5, 2014

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