Metro Boston Climate Preparedness Commitment

Mayors from fourteen cities in the metropolitan Boston region adopted the “Metro Boston Climate Preparedness Commitment” on May 13, 2015, agreeing to collaborate to prepare the region for the impacts of climate change. The fourteen municipalities will work together to coordinate actions necessary for adapting trans-boundary critical infrastructure systems, to develop best practices for local governments and policy recommendations for state and federal partners, and to identify funding and investment solutions to take regional action.

The Coalition also launched the Metro Boston Climate Preparedness Taskforce to coordinate the cross-jurisdictional efforts and help carry out goals set in the agreement. The Taskforce will include representatives from Commitment signatories and potentially additional participants, and will meet approximately every two months starting before July 2015.

The Taskforce will identify, evaluate and implement strategies for preparing the Metro Boston region for climate change. The Taskforce will help to coordinate a regional and cross-governmental effort to protect critical infrastructure and other vital resources and systems. It will develop best practices for local government, make policy recommendations, set regional priorities based on the goals outlined at the Summit and develop an action-based work plan to present to the Metro Mayors Coalition on an annual basis.

The new collaborative structure created by the Commitment will help the region integrate existing local efforts related to climate resilience and mitigation and coordinate future work, including advocacy efforts, to ensure that the region’s responses to the threats of climate change are cohesive and complementary.

The Commitment also recognizes the region’s priority to work equitably and inclusively to ensure the protection and adaptive capacity of vulnerable populations in the face of impacts such as sea-level rise, rising temperatures, and more frequent and intense storm events.

The signatories to the Commitment include the cities of Boston, Braintree, Brookline, Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Malden, Medford, Melrose, Newton, Quincy, Revere, Somerville, and Winthrop. The Commitment was developed at the first-ever Metro Mayors Climate Preparedness Summit, hosted by the City of Boston and the Metro Mayors Coalition, an existing coalition of the same fourteen signatory municipalities housed within Boston region’s planning agency, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council. The municipalities have agreed through the Commitment to host a second Summit in 2016 and to continue meeting annually thereafter.


Publication Date: May 13, 2015


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