Municipal Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise: City of Satellite Beach, Florida

This document provides the results of a municipal sea-level rise vulnerability assessment conducted for Satellite Beach, Florida. Based on conservative modeling estimates, the city is at high risk of inundation from both sea-level rise and storm surge, and adaptive action is strongly recommended. 

The sea-level rise assessment was undertaken in three steps:

  1. development of a three-dimensional model or “base map” of the City,
  2. compilation and mapping of critical infrastructure and assets, and
  3. quantification of the extent to which the City and it’s critical assets would be inundated by sea-level rise.

Model results indicate that the City will lose 5% of its landscape during the initial two feet of sea-level rise, and this loss will be limited to fringing wetlands and canals. However, a rise of four feet is forecast to submerge an additional 20% of the City, including residential neighborhoods, important transportation corridors, and numerous critical assets. Based primarily upon the City’s hypsographic curve, the “tipping point” towards catastrophic inundation is a total sea-level rise of six feet, forecast to occur around 2050. The assessment states that because engineering and retreat solutions are not feasible on a barrier island like Satellite Beach, the City will likely respond through adaptive management.

The City's Comprehensive Planning Advisory Board has approved a series of adaptation-related updates and revisions to the City’s Comprehensive Plan. If approved by the City Council, the amendments will provide a legal basis for implementing an adaptive management plan and specific actions to mitigate the City’s vulnerability to sea-level rise.



Publication Date: July 18, 2010

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