New Frameworks for Managing Dynamic Coasts: Legal and Policy Tools for Adapting U.S. Coastal Zone Management to Climate Change

This paper, published in the Sea Grant Law and Policy Journal, identifies policy and governance reforms that could make coastal communities and ecosystems more resilient to the effects of sea level rise.

The sectors for which policy responses are developed include: (1) the built environment (observation, monitoring, and assessment, comprehensive planning and zoning, building codes, disclosure, insurance, disaster relief programs, and erosion control); (2) ecological and natural resources (inter alia, coastal forest management, marine resources, agricultural practices, wetlands, and invasive species); and (3) public health considerations (inter alia, surveillance, response systems, and health impact assessment). 

Cross-cutting issues are also discussed, such as public participation, education and capacity building.

Publication Date: June 2008

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  • Sandra S. Nichols
  • Carl Bruch

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  • Legal Analysis

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