New Hampshire SB 452: State agencies required to prepare for coastal flooding

New Hampshire SB 452 entitled: “Requiring certain state agencies to conduct an audit of laws governing coastal regions to enable authorities to take appropriate actions” is designed to help the state identify needs for improving resilience to climate impacts in coastal communities and Great Bay regions.  

Certain state agencies that manage New Hampshire’s coastal resources are required to audit state statutes, and their relevant rules and agency policies governing state properties, projects, and actions in coastal regions -  in order to identify any changes necessary that would enable authorities to better “prepare for flood risks such as future storm surge, sea-level rise, and precipitation events.”

The agencies that are involved in planning, siting, and design of state-funded structures and facilities, public works or transportation projects, or other environmental activities in coastal regions are directed to reference a Coastal Risks and Hazards Commission 2014 report, "Sea-level Rise, Storm Surges, and Extreme Precipitation in Coastal New Hampshire: Analysis of Past and Projected Future Trends,” which produced best available flood risk projections for the state.

The agencies conducting audits include, but not limited to: the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, the Dept of Resources and Economic Development, the Department of Transportation, the Fish and Game Department, the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, and the Office of Energy and Planning 

This audit is to be completed no later than June 30, 2018.

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan issued the following statement after signing SB 452:

“As climate change continues to threaten our environment, our economy and our way of life, we must do everything that we can to protect our coastal communities to ensure that as a state we are prepared for environmental threats that are a consequence of climate change, such as sea-level rise and flooding. By requiring various state agencies to conduct an audit of existing statutes, rules and policies in the coastal and Great Bay regions, Senate Bill 452 is an important step in our work to ensure emergency preparedness, and I am glad to sign this bipartisan bill into law.”



Publication Date: June 13, 2016

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