New York Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Act (2010)

This landmark smart growth bill, the New York State Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act (A8011-b/S5560-b), was signed into law on September 29, 2010 by Governor David Paterson. The law directs New York State agencies, authorities and public corporations to screen their infrastructure programs and investments to ensure that they are not funding unsustainable infrastructure. One of the most significant impacts of the Act is that all NYS funding agencies must now, formally, meet ten (10) Smart Growth goals. This provision aims at making targeted investments in public infrastructure (central water/sewer/stormwater), that affect where and how public grants and low interest loans are awarded.

Within the body of the Act, the ten goals as they relate to public infrastructure are:

  • Use, maintain or improve existing water and sewer services
  • Locate public infrastructure within municipal centers
  • Promote development projects in developed areas or in areas identified for development in a comprehensive plan, local waterfront revitalization plan or brownfield redevelopment plan.
  • Protect, preserve New York State resources
  • Foster mixed land uses and compact development
  • Provide for mobility through a variety of transportation choices
  • Coordinate between state and local governments
  • Promote community-based planning and collaboration
  • Ensure predictability in land use codes
  • Strengthen existing communities so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Publication Date: September 29, 2010

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