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The NOAA Climate Services Portal (NCS Portal) is designed to enhance the access to climate data and services, timely articles and information, education resources, and tools for engagement and decision-making. The NCS Portal was developed in response to emerging needs for improved decision-making capabilities across all sectors facing impacts from climate variability and change, NOAA' s customer requirements, and the importance of leveraging climate data and services to support research and public education. The goal is for the Portal to become the "go-to" website for NOAA's climate data, products, and services for all users.

The NCS Portal, for its initial prototype, has focused on developing the infrastructure and capacity to exhibit NOAA's extensive climate information. The process of adding content to this infrastructure in its early stages has focused on several datasets and products from NOAA's National Climatic Data Center, Coastal Services Center, and Climate Prediction Center, among others. The initial intent is to highlight some of the most popular datasets/products based on customer usage of the data.

The Portal provides access to educational tools including teaching resources, professional and multi-media tools; data services including extensive global, U.S., and regional climate related observational maps; as well as local climatological data, climate predictions, massive data sets, assessment reports, and recent climate news.


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