NWF Climate-Smart Communities Program

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Climate-Smart Communities program helps cities and towns use nature-based approaches to prepare themselves for the impacts of climate change in ways that support people, wildlife, and habitat. The program aims to prepare communities for climate impacts; refrain from responses that are maladaptive for wildlife; and prepare for extreme weather such as heat waves, drought, wildfires, water shortages, flooding, sea level rise, and more. 

Find a list of projects from across the country that use nature-based approaches to build climate resilience. 

In Washington D.C. NWF has been an active participant in the 'Sustainable DC' process, aiding in the development of a sustainability plan for the District in response to the Sustainable DC Act of 2012. NFW provided technical expertise to both the Climate Change and Nature working groups. In particular, NWF has been leading the effort to ensure that climate change adaptation is addressed in the plan, in addition to mitigation, and that nature-based solutions were included. The plan "Sustainability DC" was published in 2013. NWF is working with pilot communities to better understand their adaptation needs and challenges, and to generate early examples of successful nature-based adaptation approaches.

In Chula Vista, California NWF supported a climate change working group to develop an Implementation Plan in 2011 to pursue 11 specific climate adaptation goals: cool paving, shade trees, cool roofs, local water supply and reuse, storm water pollution prevention and reuse, education and wildfires, extreme heat plans, open space management, wetlands preservation, sea level rise & land development codes, and green economy.



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