Pennsylvania Climate Change Act of 2008

The Pennsylvania Climate Change Act of 2008 (Act 70) established a Climate Change Advisory Committee for purposes of advising the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on implementation of the Act. These activities include, but are not limited to, the designation of a voluntary greenhouse gas registry, the delivery of a greenhouse gas inventory report, the creation of an impacts assessment and the development of a climate change action plan.

Act 70 required the DEP to prepare and publish a report on potential impact of climate change in Pennsylvania, which was delivered in 2009. 

The report was required to identify the following:

(1) Scientific predictions regarding changes in temperature and precipitation patterns and amounts in this Commonwealth that could result from climate change. Such predictions shall reflect the diversity of views within the scientific community.

(2) The potential impact of climate change on human health, the economy and the management of economic risk, forests, wildlife, fisheries, recreation, agriculture and tourism in this Commonwealth and any significant uncertainties about the impact of climate change.

(3) Economic opportunities for this Commonwealth created by the potential need for alternative sources of energy, climate-related technologies, services and strategies; carbon sequestration technologies; capture and utilization of fugitive greenhouse gas emissions from any source; and other mitigation strategies.

Working with the Climate Change Advisory Committee as mandated under Act 70, the DEP prepared the ‘Pennsylvania Final Climate Change Action Plan.’ While primarily focused on mitigation strategies, the current and projected impacts of climate change on the state are provided in an impact assessment. 



Publication Date: July 9, 2008


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