PlanMaryland (MD 2011 Executive Order 01.01.2011.22)

PlanMaryland - "A Sustainable Growth Plan for the 21st Century," is an executive policy plan for sustainable growth that provides a framework for a collaborative process between State and local governments to address climate change and sea level rise impacts. State agencies are directed to target their resources to help achieve smart growth at the local level - supporting Maryland’s counties and municipalities to identify their growth and preservation areas to meet land use, planning and development goals.

Governor Martin O’Malley accepted PlanMaryland on Dec. 19, 2011, and filed an Executive Order directing an overview of the process for the implementation of the plan. As provided in EO 01.01.2011.22 - "PlanMaryland Implementation," State policies on development are to be made transparent so local governments can more efficiently access State resources. State agencies will work to identify changes in strategy to achieve the goals of the plan, and to work with local governments on delineating areas for future growth and preservation.

The “Climate Change Impact Area” designation process has been incorporated into the plan. Climate Change Impact Areas are currently being targeted by Maryland’s Climate Change Adaptation Program at the Department of Natural Resources for land-use planning and zoning code enhancements, heightened building codes, increased protection, or habitat restoration. The impact areas include: 50 and 100-year sea level rise inundation zones; 100-year floodplain; and Category 1-4 storm surge risk zones. The process to implement PlanMaryland is being used to facilitate the evaluation of State resource allocation and policies in Climate Change Impact Areas, as well as coordination with local governments.

The PlanMaryland 2013 Progress Report focuses on the efforts of state agencies and local governments to achieve the Plan's goals of identifying local Planning Areas and executing implementation strategies.



Publication Date: December 19, 2011

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