Preparing California for Extreme Heat: Guidance and Recommendations

California’s Climate Action Team (CAT) developed this document to provide California agencies with guidance for incorporating extreme heat projections, and best practices for adapting to heat-related climate change impacts into planning and decision making.

This guidance provides an overview of current climate projections for increased temperature and extreme heat conditions for California; describes the health effects of extreme heat; and presents recommendations for state and local planners, local governments, emergency response, and public health and health care professionals and institutions.

The recommendations are primarily aimed at state government agencies, but they have application at the local and regional level as well, particularly through partnerships with responsible agencies that are listed along with the strategies. The recommendations are given in five sections:

  • Heat Resilient and Cooler Communities
  • Preparedness and Response to Extreme Heat Events
  • Public Health and Health Care Sector Readiness
  • Measures to Protect Workers at Risk of Extreme Heat
  • Research Needs

The Climate Action Team’s Public Health Workgroup convened a subcommittee, the Heat Adaptation Workgroup, to develop this document. The Heat Adaption Workgroup was co-chaired by the California Department of Public Health and the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) and includes staff from multiple State agencies.

Publication Date: October 2013

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