Recommended Sea Level Rise Scenarios for Delaware

The Recommended Sea Level Rise Scenarios were established by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) Sea Level Rise (SLR) Technical Workgroup to     support the development of the DNREC Sea Level Rise Policy. The SLR Technical Workgroup is comprised of scientists from DNREC, University of Delaware, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary and the Center for the Inland Bays. The Workgroup determined the Delaware SLR scenarios by employing published expert summaries of existing data and predictions from national and international panels and federal agencies. From this collection of information and data on the region's historic local sea level rise rates the Technical Workgroup has developed SLR scenarios to use for Delaware up to the year 2100.

The SLR Technical Workgroup has proposed the use of three planning scenarios for local sea level rise utilizing 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 meters for all planning, design and regulation efforts. The workgroup recommends that DNREC consider a project’s sensitivity to sea level rise in all future efforts and the sensitivity analysis should be based on the longevity, risk and socio-economic value of the project. With these recommendations, low sensitivity projects would consider a minimum local SLR of 0.5 meters and high sensitivity projects should consider 1.5 meters of  local SLR by 2100.


Publication Date: December 2009

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