"Resolve, To Evaluate Climate Change Adaptation Options for the State": Maine SP0163 / LD 460

In this resolution, passed April 23, 2009, the Maine legislature directed its Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to create a stakeholder group with the purpose of evaluating the measures available to non-governmental organizations, state agencies, and the business community to prepare for and adapt to the most likely impacts of climate change. The DEP is directed to plan for the issues raised in the 2009 climate impact assessment, including considering ways to create a hospitable landscape for the development of greenhouse gas offset projects and emission technologies. The DEP is also directed to address the effects of climate change on built infrastructure, including flooding and heat effects; habitat, fish, and wildlife species; forests; agriculture; human health; and water supplies. Finally, emergency response systems and planning measures were to be considered.

The department was required to report recommendations, along with proposed legislation, to the Joint Standing Committee on Natural Resources by February 27, 2010.

Publication Date: April 23, 2009

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