Rocky Mountain Research Station 2009 Climate Change Research Strategy

Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS) scientists are studying climate as it influences plants, animals, ecosystems, disturbance patterns, and social and economic systems. This research supports land management and planning needs for addressing climate change. The purpose of this document is to provide RMRS employees, partners, and clients with a sense of the Station’s niche, capabilities, and role in climate change research and science delivery.

This strategy was prepared to highlight the Station’s climate change research and science delivery capacity to support the needs of its numerous clients. The first section provides background material and includes an introduction, information on the context for the Station’s climate change research and how science can support land management and planning. Climate change impacts, research needs, and strategies are detailed for water supply and quality, wildland fire, and terrestrial ecosystems. 

The report addresses decision support science and application opportunities. Decision support information and tools can help identify trade-offs between different management activities and help to provide guidance for management of natural systems under changing climates. Examples of research strategies are given that will support planning and management efforts and improve understanding of the potential impacts of climate change on ecosystem services.  




Publication Date: 2009

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