San Diego, California Climate Action Plan

The City of San Diego, California Climate Action Plan is a strategy to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets, and to achieve resiliency to climate change impacts. The CAP provides strategies for the City to collaborate with communities in assessing vulnerability to future climate change, developing overarching adaptation strategies and implementing measures to enhance resilience. A chapter dedicated to climate change adaptation identifies climate impacts for San Diego, illustrates current climate adaptation efforts throughout the state, and provides a guide to adaptation and resiliency strategy development.


Chapter 4 - Social Equity and Job Creation - describes how the impacts of climate change will disproportionately affect disadvantaged communities, and how San Diego can proactively identify them prior to project implementation. This chapter also illustrates how climate policies can lead to the creation of well-paying green jobs. It also describes other actions the City is taking to promote economic growth.

To provide support to disadvantaged communities and promote equitable job growth and economic opportunity, the CAP has identified socioeconomic-specific goals. One of these goals is to: “(e)ncourage local businesses working on climate action-related projects and programs to give advance notice of job opportunities to San Diego community members through local community-based organizations, educational institutions, and media outlets." Another objective is to programmatically include performance goals to track the quality of the jobs created, as well as the demographic and geographic distribution of workers.

The Plan’s goal of resiliency involves building communities that are resilient to climate change through the identification of vulnerabilities, and the corresponding implementation of adaptation measures. As detailed in Chapter 5 - Adaptation - these measures are designed to:

  • protect public health and safety;
  • secure and maintain water supplies and services;
  • protect and maintain urban infrastructure and community services;
  • protect environmental quality;
  • maintain open space, parks, and recreation;
  • support coastal management and protection;
  • promote urban forest management and local food production;
  • improve building and occupant readiness; and
  • enhance community education, knowledge and collaboration.

The plan aims to satisfy state mandates for reducing greenhouse gases that have been established over the past decade, including a requirement to cut emissions by 20 percent below 1990 levels by 2020, 40 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050.

A supplemental Climate Action Plan Funding and Implementation Report for Fiscal Year 2017 was built along with the 2015 CAP.  


Publication Date: December 2015

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