Sand Berm to Protect Del Monte Avenue in Monterey, California

The shoreline along southern Monterey Bay has historically been subject to strong surge during storm events. These surge conditions are predicted to worsen in the future due to climate change. Each year on November 1, the City of Monterey creates a temporary sand berm to provide flood protection for Del Monte Avenue and an adjacent bike path.  Del Monte Avenue is a low-lying road that runs adjacent to the public beach.  The berm is designed to reduce the likelihood that storm surge will inundate the road.

Del Monte Avenue is the main entrance point to the City of Monterey, carrying vehicles to the commercial, business, and tourism centers. Del Monte Avenue is also located adjacent to the southern tip of Monterey Bay, making it highly vulnerable to storm surge. To reduce the likelihood of waves inundating Del Monte Avenue, the City currently places a 6-foot high sand berm adjacent to Monterey Municipal Beach from November to February each year. The berm is created from existing beach sand. This project is annually funded and maintained by the City of Monterey.


This Adaptation Clearinghouse entry was prepared with support from the Federal Highway Administration. This entry was last updated on October 30, 2015.



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