Scoring System for Watershed Retrofits

Created for the City of Arlington, Virginia the "Scoring System for Watershed Retrofits" provides details on the ranking and prioritizing process used in the city’s Watershed Retrofit Study. The scoring system is comprised of eight categories that each retrofit project was graded on. They include:

  • Potential of each retrofit to remove phosphorus,
  • The amount of impervious area at each project site,
  • Potential utility and site constraints such as steep slopes and gas mains,
  • Property ownership,
  • Potential for quick implementation,
  • Treatment of an existing drainage problem or identified hotspot,
  • County maintenance burden, and
  • Educational opportunity.

Each category is also given a different weighting factor that reflects its importance in creating a successful watershed retrofit project. The scoring system gave phosphorus removal the highest weighting factor: 2.5.

The scoring system, while designed specifically for the City of Arlington Stormwater Utility, has a comprehensive structure that makes it a potentially useful tool for other cities looking to create a stormwater retrofit program.

Publication Date: December 2013

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  • City of Arlington, VA
  • Center for Watershed Protection

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