Arlington, Virginia Watershed Retrofit Study

Completed in December, 2013, Arlington County, VA produced a Watershed Retrofit Study and plans with the purpose of strengthening the resiliency of its stormwater management systems to climate change. Arlington developed a County-wide project inventory by surveying all of the County's watersheds to find space for small stormwater facilities. This study informed the City of Arlington’s Stormwater Master Plan, which was adopted in Sept. 2014.

A watershed retrofit refers to the addition of stormwater infrastructure in an area where it currently does not exist.  This study explains the process of prioritizing available sites for retrofit; each site was scored and ranked based on the following factors:

  • runoff reduction,
  • pollutant removal,
  • alleviation of drainage problems,
  • education and outreach,
  • construction, and
  • maintenance.

In addition to providing the ranking and prioritization scores of each project site, the web page also provides final reports for 6 watershed retrofit projects, as well as progress reports from relevant public meetings. This web page serves as a tool for city officials and policymakers involved in watershed planning, or interested in the technical aspects of developing a watershed retrofit project.

Publication Date: December 2013

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  • City of Arlington, VA
  • Center for Watershed Protection

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