Sea Level Rise in the Treasure Coast Region (Florida)

This report was prepared by the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council in southeast Florida to support the EPA's national effort encouraging local government long-term planning for and awareness of sea-level rise. Mapping tools were used to distinguish areas of the Treasure Coast region likely to be protected from erosion, inundation, and flooding, from those areas where natural shoreline retreat is likely to take place. Results presented in this report are intended to stimulate local government planners and citizens in the region to think about the problems associated with sea-level rise, diminish loss of life and property from coastal hazards, and to ensure the long-term survival of coastal wetlands.

Predictions reported are based on various scientific opinions regarding sea-level changes affected by factors such as radiative forcing, global warming, thermal expansion, polar temperatures, and associated contributions to sea-level from Greenland, Antarctica, and small glaciers. The report predicts a sea-level rise of 2.8 inches to 10.7 inches by 2025 and 21.0 inches to 177.3 inches by 2200. Recommended policies discussed to mitigate sea-level rise impacts include land use policies, scientific research, scenario planning, and development of sea-level rise response plans.

Publication Date: December 5, 2005

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