St. George, Utah Erosion Hazard Zones and Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

St. George, Utah established Erosion Hazard Zones (EHZ) adjacent to its rivers based on a 100-year planning period. The City incorporated the EHZ into their Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance in 1999. The ordinance does not prohibit development, but allows for better consideration of, and mitigation of, flooding and erosion risks.

According to FEMA, during an extreme storm and flooding event in 2005, the EHZ saved many homes and businesses and prevented more than $5 million in property damage.

The linked St. George City Codes and Ordinances document describes the erosion hazard zones (page 1187 of 1241), new development requirements, and includes erosion hazard boundary maps.   

Here the ordinance states that "all new development proposals, including subdivisions, located within an erosion hazard area shall be consistent with the need to minimize flood damage. Additionally, developers will “hold the city harmless from all claims resulting from erosion or any other flood related damage to development within an "erosion hazard area."


Publication Date: 1999

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