Striking a Balance - A Guide to Coastal Dynamics and Beach Management in Delaware

This report provides historical background and knowledge of coastal dynamics and beach management in Delaware, outlines the forces affecting Delaware's beaches - including the balance between development and protection of coastal resources, and explains statewide coastal management policies and the measures taken to mitigate the effects of erosion.

Beaches and coastal processes are described in terms of coastal environments, geological history and long-term processes, shoreline types and coastal features, shoreline processes and sediment transport, shoreline changes, sediment sources and sinks, and human impacts and natural beach systems.

This report includes details of the biological habitats, storm protection and damage reduction properties, and recreation opportunities, which are provided by the beach as a natural resource. The beach is also described as an economic resource for Delaware.  

Four beach and sand management strategies for beach erosion control and property protection are described and the report concludes that a regional approach to addressing coastal erosion and the reduction in sand supply is most effective in the long-term.

Publication Date: 2004

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