Surging Seas

Surging Seas is an online portal to sea level rise analysis by Climate Central. The Surging Seas website presents a comprehensive view of sea level rise in a variety of formats through online resources and information - providing basic facts, news and updates, interactive maps, and an overview of responses to sea level rise nationwide.

Explore maps, 3-D fly-overs, images and analysis of different futures - based on sea levels predicted for high and low carbon pathways. The interactive maps in the Surging Seas Risk Finder allow the user to choose a location in the U.S., and adjust the sea level, - to see maps of areas below different amounts of sea level rise and flooding, down to neighborhood scale, matched with area timelines of risk. The global Risk Zone Map is searchable by city or postal code, and shows areas vulnerable to permanent submergence from sea level rise, or to flooding from sea level rise, storm surge, tides, and tsunamis, in different combinations.

In November 2015, Climate Central expanded their maps and analysis to global scale, addressing sea level rise in 6 continents. 

Surging Seas maps, graphics and information are backed by scientifically peer-reviewed Climate Central research papers. National and state reports and fact sheets provide background and translate this research for more general audiences. Downloadable data includes Climate Central research, local, state and national analysis results, and methods which explain in detail how the data and maps are generated.






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