The Chesapeake Bay and Global Warming: A Paradise Lost for Hunters, Anglers, and Outdoor Enthusiasts?

The National Wildlife Federation maintains a Chesapeake Bay and Global Warming webpage on which this report and other resources are available (scroll down to find the heading and link). This report focuses on the threat that global warming poses for fish and wildlife in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Impacts on specific habitats and species of the region are provided. The report also makes policy recommendations, primarily focusing on priority actions for the federal government, but also focusing on Virginia and Maryland, state governments which share the majority of coastline habitats that will be affected. Recommendations outlined address: reducing global warming pollution, providing new funding for wildlife, expanding state wildlife action plans to address climate change, adapting waterfowl and fish management practices, discouraging extensive coastal development while armoring shorelines, and accounting for climate change in land protection and habitat conservation efforts.


Publication Date: September 2007

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