Town of Bowers Beach, Delaware Coastal Resiliency Planning

With support from the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), the Town of Bowers Beach is developing a Coastal Resiliency Action Plan to increase resiliency and reduce hazard vulnerability to the current and future effects of coastal storms and climate change.  Bowers Beach currently experiences a number of coastal related problems including flooding of streets, episodic storm damage, coastal erosion, and other coastal hazard impacts.

Delaware Coastal Programs (DCP) staff of the DNREC began working with the Town of Bowers Beach in March, 2009.  The first phase of the project included the collection, analysis, and dissemination of existing information to community members about their current storm flooding risk and vulnerabilities. Through a series of meetings and workshops, the issues identified will be prioritized, and a strategy to address vulnerabilities and risks will be developed.  Phase two of the planning project will include a workshop(s) to conduct a more detailed vulnerability assessment. The third phase will utilize the results of the vulnerability assessment to develop planning prioritization and adaptive strategies to be included in the Bowers Beach Coastal Resiliency Action Plan. In addition, the town will undertake a cost/benefit analysis of various potential options to address each high priority risk identified. Planning will address the local potential impacts of sea level rise, increased storm frequencies and intensities, increased rates of erosion, salt water intrusion, wetland loss, and other climate related impacts.

The final phase of this project will be a longer term effort to implement the action plan. The DNREC DCP will initially provide some short term assistance to the community to help improve local capacity for project implementation. Ultimately the Town of Bowers Beach will lead this implementation phase of the Coastal Resiliency Action Plan.




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