USACE Climate Change Adaptation Plan and Report 2011

The USACE (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) climate and global change adaptation goal is 'to develop practical, nationally consistent and regionally tailored, legally justifiable and cost-effective adaptation measures, both structural and nonstructural, that will reduce vulnerabilities and improve resilience to climate changes'. 

This report was a response to the Executive Office of the President’s Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Implementing Instructions for Federal Agency Climate Change Adaptation. As such, it provides the information specifically requested by the Council issued on 4 March 2011 (see separate entry). An overarching policy statement about climate change is presented. Answers to the guiding questions posed by the Implementing Instructions about climate change impacts to USACE strategic missions and goals are presented. A table of other agencies with similar impacts is provided, as is the current USACE efforts to coordinate with these agencies. The report also also provides details on current USACE adaptation planning and implementation progress.

According to this report, it is the policy of USACE to integrate climate change adaptation planning and actions into the agency's missions, operations, programs, and projects. It is also the policy of this agency that mitigation and adaptation investments and responses to climate change be considered together to avoid situations where near-term mitigation measures might be implemented that would be overcome by longer-term climate impacts requiring adaptation, or where a short-term mitigation action would preclude a longer-term adaptation action.

Given the high-level and strategic nature of this report, reference is made to two other reports which provide more specific details regarding vulnerability of federally managed water resources and potential strategies:  “Climate Change and Water Resources Management: A Federal Perspective,” and USGS Circular 1331 (see separate entries). This report also indicates there will be a 2011?2012 vulnerability assessment of USACE managed resources, and describes the nationwide screening-level vulnerability assessment conducted by USACE, for which results were available in 2011.

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Publication Date: June 2011

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