USDA Departmental Regulation 1070-001: Climate adaptation

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced in June 2015 additional steps it is taking to integrate climate change adaptation into USDA's programs and operations. Under Departmental Regulation 1070-001, the updated USDA Policy Statement on Climate Change Adaptation, USDA recognizes that climate stressors have consequences for food production, yields of staple crops, forests and grasslands, and in turn, affect the economic stability of individuals, communities, and the country.

Under the proposed changes USDA will:

Integrate climate change adaptation planning, implementing actions, and performance metrics into USDA programs, policies and operations to minimize climate risks and exploit new opportunities that climate change may bring;

Analyze how climate change is likely to affect its ability to achieve its mission, operations and policy and program objectives;

Identify appropriate key performance measures to evaluate progress in climate change adaptation;

Participate in adaptation implementation as part of a broader commitment to developing the next generation of regional climate solutions through USDA Regional Hubs for Risk Adaptation and Mitigation to Climate Change;

Incorporate climate-resilient decision-making into international development programs and investments of relevant USDA agencies; and

Develop and maintain an adaptation plan for managing potential climate change impacts when undertaking long-term programs, setting priorities for scientific research and developing performance measures.

Departmental Regulation 1070-001 provides guidance on the establishment and periodic revision of USDA's Climate Change Adaptation Plan. It is consistent with guidance from the Council on Climate Change Preparedness and Resilience, and guidance from the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), for the implementation of Executive Order 13653, and, where applicable, E.O. 13677. It is consistent with the 2014-2018 USDA Strategic Plan and with guidance from the Council on Environmental Quality and the Federal Council on Climate Change Preparedness and Resilience. 





Publication Date: Febuary 15, 2015

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