USGCRP Global Climate Change Impacts in the U.S. - Water Resources

This report is one of seven sector-specific chapters from the United States Global Change Research Program's comprehensive 2009 National Climate Assessment, "Global Climate Change Impacts in the U.S."  The 'Water Resources' chapter synthesizes current and projected impacts to the U.S. water cycle from climate change. Changes to the water cycle identified in the report include: changes in precipitation patterns and intensity, changes in the incidence of drought, widespread melting of snow and ice, increasing atmospheric water vapor, increasing evaporation, increasing water temperatures, reductions in lake and river ice, and changes in soil moisture and runoff. The report includes regional discussions of precipitation changes in the form of rain and snowfall, as well as from extreme events, and the implications for water supply, water quality, infrastructure, human health, energy and ecosystems.

Publication Date: June 2009

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