Virginia Climate Change and Resilience Commission Report to the Governor

In December 2015, the Virginia Climate Change and Resiliency Update Commission issued its report and final recommendations to then Governor Terry McAuliffe. The report identifies the Commission's top five recommendations for climate action in the state, and includes recommendations for both preparing for climate impacts as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Virginia.

The report highlights Commission recommendations that have already been acted upon: the Governor has appointed a Chief Resilience Officer, and the state developed a protocol for sea-level rise projections.

The adaptation recommendations in plan include the following:

  • Establish a Climate Change and Resilience Resource Center to provide technical assistance to decisionmakers and a central location for an information clearinghouse for citizens and businesses.  The portal should include information for both the public sector (lawmakers, state and local government agencies, and other public decisionmakers) and and separate portal for the general public.
  • Create a new Virginia Bank to fund energy and resilience projects. It is envisioned that the bank will utilize existing state and federal funding sources to attract private investment by provide low-cost financing for clean energy and resiliency projects. 
  • Leverage federal funding offered through the National Disaster Resilience Competition with funds to support projects to enhance the resilience of Virginia coastal communities.

To facilitate the development of the Commission’s top five recommendations, the Commission divided into five workgroups: (1) Public Education, (2) Information, (3) Energy, (4) Funding, and (5) Land Use and Transportation. Each of the recommendations are detailed in additional reports developed by the workgroups.  

Governor McAuliffe convened the Climate Change and Resiliency Update Commission through Executive Order 19 in July 2014. The Commission included state officials, local elected officials, members of the state General Assembly, and leaders from business and industry, the faith community, environmental groups, and academia. Thirteen recommendations were presented to the Commission for voting and the top five were selected for inclusion in the report. The recommendations included in the report were not reached by consensus. 



Publication Date: December 21, 2015

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