Virginia HJ 16: Recurrent flooding; joint subcommittee established to formulate recommendations to address

The Virginia General Assembly passed House Joint Resolution No.16 in 2014, which considers the issue of recurrent flooding in Tidewater and Eastern Shore locales and establishes a “joint subcommittee to formulate recommendations for the development of a comprehensive and coordinated planning effort to address recurrent flooding” that will meet for two years.

This subcommittee consists of 11 members, including 5 members of the House of Delegates, 3 members of the Senate, and 3 non-legislative citizen members, including representatives from both the business and environmental communities.

The main goal of the subcommittee will be to recommend to the General Assembly both short- and long-term strategies to address recurrent flooding. The joint subcommittee must submit its report to the Governor and the 2016 Regular Session of the General Assembly. 





Publication Date: March 8, 2014

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