Vulnerability and Climate Change in the U.S. Southeast

Oxfam America is funding programs in Louisiana and elsewhere in the Southeastern U.S. to help those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change to adapt and be better prepared. The goal of this project is to bring a fuller understanding of social vulnerabilities due to climate change in the U.S. southeast region to the public through a multidisciplinary examination of risks, hazards, and disaster.

Overlay social vulnerability data with hazards data in the U.S. southeast to find where to focus resources. 

Use the recommendations of environmental justice leaders to assess if your own community's policies are meeting their standards. This research includes a series of layered maps that depict social and climate change-related hazards -  drought, flooding, hurricane-force winds, and sea level rise - applying the Social Vulnerability Index (SoVI). The maps visually identify counties in 13 southeastern U.S. states that are hot-spots of high social vulnerability coupled with high vulnerability to climate-related hazards. The maps allow users to zoom down to the state level, and to also isolate individual hazards. Downloadable fact sheets and maps are available by state under the 'Publications' tab.




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