Washington Department of Ecology Clearinghouse: Impacts, Preparation, Adaptation Resources

The Washington Department of Ecology developed a central clearinghouse to store resources with scientific and technical information related to the impacts of climate change on different sectors in Washington. Resources in the clearinghouse are generally organized by the same sectors within the statewide adaptation plan, the '2012 Washington State Integrated Climate Change Response Strategy' (which also is reviewed in this Clearinghouse). Efforts to maintain and expand the clearinghouse help address several recommendations made in the 2012 Strategy.

The clearinghouse includes resources related to overall climate impacts and their effects on Washington’s economy, as well as sector-based resources related to human health; fish, wildlife and plants; coastal hazards; ocean acidification; water resources; agriculture; forests; and infrastructure and the built environment. Resources featured in the database include scientific research reports and assessments related specifically to impacts in Washington state, adaptation-related websites hosted by federal agencies and others, and other reports and guidance documents to assist planners and resource managers in adaptation efforts.

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