Waterfront Action Agenda: Transforming New York City's Waterfront

The Waterfront Action Agenda is the three year implementation component of 'Vision 2020: New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan.' The Action Agenda organizes each project under one of the eight goals of 'Vision 2020', identifies the City agency leading its implementation, and lists the date by which the project will be undertaken. The Agenda includes 130 specific, high-priority projects - a set of projects chosen for their ability to catalyze investment in waterfront enhancement.  It contains neighborhood strategies and specifies recommendations for individual sites along the waterfront.

This agenda includes recommendations from a wide range of stakeholders in the waterfront’s future—the public, state and federal agencies, the City Council, and City agencies from the New York City Economic Development Corporation and Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability to the Departments of Parks & Recreation and Environmental Protection. Under the advisement of the Waterfront Management Advisory Board, the City will track progress through regular updates and an annual progress report.

Publication Date: March 2011

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