West Wide Wildfire Risk Assessment

The Council of Western State Foresters and the Western Forestry Leadership Coalition (WFLC) are developing a wildfire risk assessment of all lands for the 17 western states and selected Pacific Islands. This assessment is known as the “West Wide Wildfire Risk Assessment, or “WWA”.

The WWA will produce the assessment to quantify the magnitude of the current wildland fire problem in the western U.S. and provide a baseline for quantifying mitigation activities and monitoring change over time. The methodology implemented will provide results comparable across the entire Western region, providing a consistent basis for interpretation and use.

The WWA will develop numerous key datasets in addition to deriving output data describing wildfire threat, fire effects, wildfire risk, and communities risk ratings across the west.  The results of the WWA can be used for a variety of purposes and will provide many benefits for local, state, tribal, and federal stakeholders.

The website provides a status of the assessment and key deliverables.

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