Western Governors' Association Policy Resolution 09-2: Supporting the Integration of Climate Change Adaptation Science in the West

The WGA's Policy Resolution 09-2 calls on the federal government to create a coordinated approach to climate change adaptation and makes several policy recommendations for Congress and the Administration to integrate adaptation capabilities in the western states.

The governors' policy statement recommends that planning for climate change adaptation should be undertaken in a coordinated fashion at all levels of government, with state expertise fully utilized. It urges Congress and the Administration to fund research to improve predictive capabilities for climate change and related impacts at regional and global levels. The statement also encourages investment in federal programs that study climate adaptation - addressing scientific questions, natural resource management, and the protection of infrastructure at the regional, state, and local levels.

This resolution can be found on the WGA site under "Policies." See Air Quality and Climate Change.

Publication Date: 2009

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