Western Water Assessment's Intermountain West Climate Summary

The Western Water Assessment's (WWA) Intermountain West Climate Summary (IWCS) provided the latest climate information for Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming in a simple compact document aimed at water managers, planners and policy makers with water-related interests. These summaries were released approximately eight times annually starting in 2005, before the IWCS was discontinued in 2012.

Each Summary is archived and available on the WWA website.  The summaries include information on updated hydrological conditions, temperature, precipitation, and ENSO and climate forecasts. Summaries also offer information on recent climate conditions, including recent editions of the Regional Standardized Precipitation Index and U.S. Drought Monitor. Some Summaries also provide data on subjects such as snowpack, streamflow, seasonal drought outlook, and state water availability.

The Summaries also include articles about related topics such as ongoing precipitation research, a guide for users of the Forecast Evaluation Tool, and State of the Climate Reports from the National Climatic Data Center.



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