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Emerald Cities Collaborative

Emerald Cities Collaborative (ECC) is a national nonprofit that advances sustainable economic development. ECC focuses on energy, green infrastructure, and other sustainable development projects that contribute to the resilience of metropolitan regions and ensure an equity stake for low-income communities of color in the green economy. Their mission has three parts: 1) reducing carbon emissions while ensuring benefits are shared equitably by communities of color and low-income communities; 2) building communities through training, jobs, and labor standards to support local economies; and 3) strengthening coalitions that support metro-regions, focusing on engaging historically excluded and hard-to-reach people.




Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. (Enterprise) is a national nonprofit organization providing expertise for affordable housing and sustainable communities. Enterprise offers neighborhood solutions through public-private partnerships with financial institutions, governments, community organizations, and others.




Environmental Advocates of New York

Environmental Advocates of New York is an environmental government watchdog based in Albany. Its mission is to protect the air, land, water, wildlife, and health of all New Yorkers. The group monitors state government, evaluating proposed laws and championing policies and practices that will ensure responsible stewardship of the environment. 




Environmental Health Coalition

Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) is dedicated to achieving environmental and social justice in the San Diego/Tijuana region of California. Through leadership development, organizing, and advocacy, EHC empowers residents to achieve public policies that improve the health of children, families, neighborhoods and the natural environment.




Environmental Justice Leadership Forum on Climate Change

The Environmental Justice Leadership Forum on Climate Change (The EJ Forum) is a national coalition of 41 environmental justice organizations (coordinated by WE ACT for Environmental Justice) working together to advance climate justice and impact policy to ensure the protection and promotion of vulnerable communities throughout the U. S.  The forum was initiated in 2008 in response to proposed climate legislation around the Cap and Trade program. Among its principle for climate justice, The EJ Forum calls for equitable approaches to climate adaptation, including the right of people-of-color, Indigenous Peoples, and low-income communities, who are and continue to be disproportionately impacted by climate change, to shape the policy debate.




Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island

The Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island (EJLRI) is a non-profit organization working within an alliance of individuals to promote environmental justice in Rhode Island through advocacy, education, networking, organizing, and research.  Its mission is to promote safe and healthy environments for all by building power, leadership, and action in the communities most affected by environmental burdens.




Federal Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice

The Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice (EJ IWG) facilitates the active involvement of all Federal agencies to implement Executive Order 12898, “Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations. ” The order states that "Federal agencies must identify and address, as appropriate, disproportionately high and adverse human health or environmental effects of their programs, policies, and activities on minority populations and low-income populations.




Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities

The Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities works to inspire, strengthen, and expand funding and philanthropic leadership that yield environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, and economically prosperous regions and communities. Areas of focus include community development, environment & health, finance, equity & participation, and transportation & climate. Funders engage with the Network by accessing resources and participating in working groups and events.




Got Green

Got Green is a grassroots environmental justice organization in South Seattle, Washington, led by people of color and low-income people. Got Green seeks to cultivate multi-generational community leaders and ensure that the benefits of the green movement and green economy (green jobs, healthy food, energy efficient and healthy homes, public transit, etc.) reach low-income communities and communities of color.




Green Cities California

Green Cities California (GCC) is a coalition of 13 local governments that have implemented groundbreaking environmental policies to accelerate the implementation of sustainability policies and programs through collaborative action. GCC recognizes that current global environmental challenges related to the over-consumption of natural resources, climate change, peak oil, availability of clean fresh water, food security, and environmental justice put California cities and residents at serious risk and require immediate action at all levels.