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Western Governors' Association Wildlife Corridors Initiative Report

June 2008

In response to policy resolution 07-01, Protecting Wildlife Migration Corridors and Crucial Wildlife Habitat in the West, the Western Governors' Association (WGA) launched a Wildlife Corridors Initiative in 2007, a multi-state and collaborative effort in which six work groups were charged with developing recommendations on various aspects of wildlife corridors and crucial habitat in the West. 

Related Organizations: Western Governors' Association (WGA)

Resource Category: Planning


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Water Needs and Strategies for a Sustainable Future

June 2006

This report, along with the 2008 report, "Water Needs and Strategies for a Sustainable Future: Next Steps," include consensus recommendations and action items to both encourage and assist local, state and federal planners and managers and private sector partners to coordinate effectively to prepare for and address challenges of over-appropriated watersheds, population growth, land use changes, water needs for in-stream uses, and water supply and water management strategies in Western states. These reports address six specific issues, including: examining water policies and population growth, providing water supply to meet future demands, maintaining water supply infrastructure, resolving Indian water rights, preparing for climate change, and conserving endangered species.

Related Organizations: Western States Water Council (WSWC), Western Governors' Association (WGA)

Author or Affiliated User: Mohd Khawlie

Resource Category: Planning


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