Western Governors' Association Wildlife Corridors Initiative Report

In response to policy resolution 07-01, Protecting Wildlife Migration Corridors and Crucial Wildlife Habitat in the West, the Western Governors' Association (WGA) launched a Wildlife Corridors Initiative in 2007, a multi-state and collaborative effort in which six work groups were charged with developing recommendations on various aspects of wildlife corridors and crucial habitat in the West. 

The Western Governors’ Climate Change Working Group finalized this report in 2008, identifying several barriers to maintaining wildlife corridors and habitat as a result of climate change. Current and expected impacts are discussed by habitat type as well as by summarized data for some keystone species.

The report provides detailed recommendations for managing corridors and climate change impacts. 18 strategies are proposed for Western states, or specifically the governors, to implement to help wildlife adapt to climate change impacts. The recommendations focus on areas such as data and research, working with private landowners, state agency directives, reviewing current policies at state and local levels, and recommendations to influence federal agencies and offices.

Other WGA work groups produced related reports including Science, Energy, Transportation, Land Use, and Oil and Gas.  



Publication Date: June 2008

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