2015 California Climate and Energy Legislative Update

The Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA) released this fact sheet summarizing Climate and Energy related legislation in California passed in 2015.  The fact sheet provides a brief summary of each climate related law, including a brief description of the goals, key dates, and requirements. 

The laws described in this fact sheet are:

  • AB 802 - Requires the California Public Utilities Commission to update the rules for the measurement of energy efficiency so that measurement is based on normalized metered energy consumption.
  • AB 1482 - Requires state agencies to promote the use of the climate adaptation strategy to inform planning decisions and ensures that state investments consider climate change impacts when developing infrastructure to address adaptation. 
  • SB 246 - Establishes the integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program to coordinate regional and local efforts with state climate adaptation strategies. 
  • SB 350 - Sets mitigation goals for 2030
  • SB 379 - Requires cities and counties to include climate adaptation and resiliency strategies in the safety elements of their general plans
  • SB 758 - Creates the Atmospheric Rivers: Research, Mitigation, and Climate Forecasting Program under the Department of Water Resources to research atmospheric river patterns to increase water supply and reliability of water resources and improves flood protection.

ARCCA is a coalition of the Local Government Commission in California



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