2060 Florida Transportation Plan

The 2060 Florida Transportation Plan (FTP) is an effective example of mainstreaming the consideration of climate change into an existing strategic planning framework. It defines Florida's future transportation vision, goals, objectives, and strategies to guide transportation decisions over the next 50 years, while indicating the need to consider climatic changes and related impacts into both planning variables, and key decisions (e.g. infrastructure siting, maintenance and operations).

The 2060 FTP is organized into three major sections: 1) Key trends, issues, and opportunities shaping Florida's transportation past and future; 2) Six long range goals to guide Florida's transportation decisions, along with objectives, strategies, and indicators to support each goal; and 3) Key actions needed to implement the 2060 FTP, with emphasis on transportation decision making, funding and finance, and progress tracking and reporting.




Publication Date: December 2010

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  • State of Florida Department of Transportation


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