A Summary of the Alaskan Marine Arctic Conservation Action Plan

The Alaska chapter of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has developed a Conservation Action Plan (CAP) using TNC's CAP methodology.  The plan covers coastal, nearshore, and marine environments of the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas - including pelagic and benthic habitats, the continental shelf and ocean basins, lagoons and marshes, islands, and the shoreline - within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Alaska. Climate change and its effects are identified as the primary threats to natural resources of ecological and cultural importance in the region.

This summary describes the CAP's key conservation targets, stressors, and strategies in this region. A full report with complete details is available from the Alaska Field Office.

Conservation Action Planning is an adaptive management framework in which practitioners “capture their best understanding of the conservation situation, build a set of actions based on that understanding, implement the actions, measure the outcomes of their actions, learn from these outcomes and refine actions over time” (TNC 2007). Full details and guidance about Conservation Action Planning are available online at the ConserveOnline website: http://conserveonline.org/workspaces/cbdgateway.

Publication Date: April 2010

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