Broward County, Florida Comprehensive Plan - Climate Change Element

The Broward County Climate Change Element contains policies that are an extension of the 126 recommendations detailed in “Broward’s Climate Change Action Plan - Addressing our Changing Climate,” as developed by the Broward County Climate Change Task Force in 2010. The Broward County Climate Change Element provisions passed in February 2013 - designed to provide a framework for integrating the economic, environmental, and social factors of climate change for this coastal county of Southeast Florida. The overall goal of the Element is to “Achieve a sustainable, climate resilient community by: promoting energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction strategies; protecting and adapting public infrastructure, services, natural systems and resources from climate change impacts; and continuing to coordinate and communicate locally and regionally to monitor and address the changing needs and conditions of the community.”

The Climate Change Element includes objectives, and numerous more specific policies, related to reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions; mitigation, protection, and adaptation within the transportation system, the built environment, natural systems, and water resources and services; interagency coordination; emergency preparedness and disaster management; and social considerations, public health, and education. 

Policy 19.3.13 directs the County to work with its municipalities to designate Adaptation Action Areas, which are optional designations in a local comprehensive plan to prioritize adaptation actions and funding for areas vulnerable to coastal flooding and sea level rise impacts.  The County is also directed to encourage municipalities to “develop policies to improve resilience to coastal and inland flooding, salt water intrusion, and other related impacts of climate change and sea level rise” in Adaptation Action Areas and other local planning efforts. To begin this process, Broward County, the South Florida Regional Planning Council, and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity are working with the City of Fort Lauderdale on a pilot project to compile and select policy options to include in a designated Adaptation Action Area in the Fort Lauderdale local comprehensive plan.  

Several other adaptation-related objectives in the county’s Climate Change Element include advancing transportation and land use choices that increase the County’s resiliency to the impacts of climate change; protecting and enhancing coastal ecosystems and optimizing co-benefits of various restoration and buffering practices; consideration of urban reforestation and green infrastructure; and ensuring resiliency of water resources and related infrastructure.


Publication Date: February 12, 2013

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  • Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO)
  • Broward County Climate Change Task Force


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