California Water Plan 2013 Update

A five year effort by the California Department of Water Resources, the California Water Plan 2013 Update presents the status and trends of California's water-dependent natural resources; water supplies; and agricultural, urban, and environmental water demands for a range of plausible future scenarios. The California Water Plan also evaluates different combinations of regional and statewide resource management strategies to reduce water demand, increase water supply, reduce flood risk, improve water quality, and enhance environmental and resource stewardship. This Water Plan Update includes multiple scenarios of future climate conditions and stresses the inclusion of uncertainty, risk, and sustainability in water policies.

As mandated in the California Water Code, the California Water Plan is the State’s long-term strategic plan for guiding the management and development of water resources under these emerging conditions and expectations, and in the face of an uncertain future. The Plan presents the current status and future trends of California's water-dependent natural resources; water supplies; urban and agricultural demands. California Water Plan Update 2013 (Update 2013) applies at statewide, regional, and local scales, and serves to advise a diverse audience, including elected officials, planners and resource managers, tribal governments and communities, academia, and the general public. The Plan is updated every five years.

Update 2013 is organized in five volumes. The Highlights booklet, Volume 4 - Reference Guide, and Volume 5 - Technical Guide, will be released with the Final Update 2013 document.

Volume 1 contains the Executive Summary; a comprehensive picture of current water, flood and environmental conditions; strategic planning principles; a framework for financing the California Water Plan; and the “Roadmap for Action.”

Volume 2 provides 12 regional reports each of which includes a review of floodwater management, watersheds, groundwater aquifers, ecosystems floods, future conditions, demographics, land use, water supplies and uses, and governance.

A portion of each regional chapter is dedicated to climate change, providing climate projections, localized current and future climate impacts, as well as specific adaptation opportunities and strategies.

Volume 3 is an “Integrated Water Management Toolbox” with over 30 management strategies to:

  • Reduce water demand
  • Increase water supply
  • Improve water quality
  • Practice resource stewardship
  • Improve flood management

A weekly electronic newsletter is available for CA Water Plan news that includes information about the final plan. The newsletter is linked on the same website and page as the 5 volumes of the Water Plan.  




Publication Date: October 2013

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