Charlotte Harbor Regional Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

This vulnerability assessment was developed by the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program and the Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council. The report identifies the most significant vulnerabilities facing the Charlotte Harbor region related to drought, flood, hurricane severity, land area, habitats, biological cycles, and uncertainty in environmental models.

The assessment examines the past and current climate in the Charlotte Harbor Region, along with three possible future scenarios of climate change to the year 2200. It assesses the significant climatic changes expected in both air and water and the effects of those changes on climate stability, sea-level, hydrology, geomorphology, natural habitats and species, land use changes, economy, human health, human infrastructure, and variable risk projections in the region. Impacts are inventoried by sector and sub-categories including critical facilities (e.g. communications, emergency services, transportation), cultural resources, human health, water resources, coastal resources, wildlife and ecosystems, and economic activities (e.g. agriculture, forestry, mining).

This report is no longer made publicly available by the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program, but has been preserved by CAKE - the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange.  Thank you CAKE!  

Publication Date: December 28, 2009

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