City Heights, San Diego Urban Greening Plan

The neighborhood of City Heights is centrally located in the San Diego, California metropolitan area. This Urban Greening Plan establishes a system of Green Streets within City Heights based on surrounding land use, traffic intensity, and function of the streets. The plan provides recommendations on how to successfully implement and maintain these Green Streets, and how to improve and protect the public spaces and resources found in the community. It integrates urban forestry through enhancements to the public right-of-way that include a street tree plan and landscape treatments, as well as bicycle and pedestrian facility improvements to increase active transportation, reduce the urban heat island effect and promote a healthy environment.

The plan delineates how each of four design elements can be incorporated into street design in City Heights - including: Urban Forestry, Urban Runoff, Multi-Modal Connectivity, and Urban Open Space. These elements can be combined to create streets with comfortable, shaded walkways, efficient use of water, improved water quality, and connections for walking, biking, transit, and driving.

The report discusses the importance of these four design elements and other key design strategies necessary for creating Green Streets. Chapters 3 and 4 identify specific design strategies and how they can be implemented - in terms of Commercial, Transit, and Pedestrian/Bike Green Streets. For each Green Street type, recommendations are made based on the use, width, and character of the street.

The project will utilize these spaces to physically and visually connect the major destinations found within the community, and to encourage efficient development patterns with an emphasis on improving pedestrian and bike mobility. Additional enhancement strategies include landscape treatments, walkway improvements, bike facility improvements, signage, street furnishings, lighting, traffic calming strategies, naturalized storm water runoff areas, and trail facilities.

A City Heights Street Design Toolbox can be found in Chapter 4 which includes:

- Many options for Urban Forestry, Urban Runoff, Multi-Modal Connectivity, and Urban Open Space; and

- Reference Codes that refer to a specific design solution used in the Preferred Street Concepts, and Pilot Project recommendations 



Summaries of City Heights pilot projects are provided in Chapter 5 which highlight a cross-section of community improvement opportunities. Certain projects have been identified that demonstrate how the Green Street Elements discussed in previous chapters can be implemented within City Heights.



Publication Date: August 5, 2014

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