City of Alexandria, Virginia Environmental Action Plan 2030

This Environmental Action Plan (EAP) was developed by Eco-City Alexandria, a strategic collaborative planning process designed by the City of Alexandria, Virginia, in partnership with Virginia Tech's Department of Urban Affairs and Planning. The EAP merges short-term goals and action steps (FY-2009-2011) approved by the City Council in January 2009, with new mid- and long-range goals and actions (2012-2030).

The EAP consists of 48 goals, 50 preliminary targets, and 353 actions, and is the final planning document that outlines the goals and actions required to implement the vision of the Eco-City Environmental Charter (adopted June 2008), to lead the City towards environmental sustainability.

Chapter 9, 'Global Climate Change and Other Emerging Threats' focuses on mitigation efforts to meet greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, as well as increasing the City’s preparedness to respond to the possible effects of climate change and environmental emergencies. To integrate adaptation and climate change impacts into planning short- and long-term goals are presented for emergency preparedness, water quality, and public health planning. Specific suggested actions include updating the flood management program to take into account anticipated rises in Potomac River levels and the increased intensity of storm-related flooding; and to develop and fund city-wide efforts for floatable controls, including education, outreach, and infrastructure controls. Other goals include anticipating and planning for potential emerging environmental threats, such as nitrogen loading, and acidification of waterways.




Publication Date: June 23, 2009

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  • Eco-City Alexandria
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