City of Pinole, California General Plan Update

Located 20 miles northeast from San Francisco, the City of Pinole is situated on the shores of San Pablo Bay in West Contra Costa County of California. The state law requires every city and county to adopt a General Plan for its future development, and Pinole has incorporated sustainability and climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies throughout its plan and policies. This 500+ page General Plan is to be used to inform citizens, decision-makers and other interested groups of the policies that will guide development related decisions in the community, and to serve as a guide to future land use and economic development through its goals, policies and actions.

The plan contains a separate 'Sustainability Element,' to provide the repository for all sustainable development goals, policies and actions, and to serve as a guiding document to identify ways in which the City can have a positive impact on, and adapt to, climate change.

Pinole is working with the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) to implement strategies to adapt to Bay-related impacts of climate change and in developing a vulnerability analysis for its shoreline, while also addressing shoreline management issues that cross jurisdictional boundaries. The City will continue to implement the Municipal Code flood protection standards for development within a FEMA-designated Special Flood Hazard Area and will coordinate with FEMA and other agencies in the evaluation and mitigation of future flooding hazards that may occur as a result of sea level rise. 

Pinole has identified programs to implement sustainable policies and practices to improve the quality of life and public health, increase energy efficiency and reduce waste by utilizing more sustainable and compact development patterns, encourage alternative forms of transportation, and establish programs to minimize the waste stream and improve water quality. In addition, the city has incorporated an educational component in which a policy is outlined to support the efforts of community groups, including the Pinole Valley High School Environmental Academy, to educate the public about sustainability and climate change.


Publication Date: November 2010

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